Audio and  Video Services Price List - TAV Electronics
1 TO 3 COPIES                $8.00 EA.
4 TO 7 COPIES                $7.00 EA.
8 TO 12 COPIES              $6.00 EA.
AFTER 12 COPIES             $5.00 EA.

1 TO 3 Additional Copies   $10.00 EA.
4 TO 7 Additional Copies    $ 9.00 EA.
8 TO 12 Additional Copies   $8.00 EA.
AFTER 12 Additional Copies  $7.00 EA.

All prices calculated from 1 original in 2 hour (SP) mode.
For LP (4 Hr.) or EP/SLP (6 Hr.) mode add $1.00 per copy.
Condensing 2 or more onto 1 add $5.00 per copy.
For "Pro" Grade Video Tape add $1.00 per copy.
For T160 Video Tape add $2.00 per copy.
For SVHS Video Tape add $18.00 per copy.
Clamshell VHS Cases Labeled - $2.00 each.
Hard DVD Cases Labeled - $3.00 each.
Hard DVD Cases with Picture - $10.00 ea, Must Specify
Picture for Vid-Cap on Cover.
PAL & MESCAM Conversions add $3.00 per copy.
VHS to PAL Video Tapes add $4.00 per copy.
BETA, VHS-C, 8mm or HI 8mm Video, Mini DV, Laser Disc,
DVD to VHS Conversions add $4.00 per copy.
PAL DVD'S or Region Change to Region 1 add $3.00 per
Digital VHS-C, Digital 8 add $2.00 and you must provide the

No discount for supplying blank tapes or DVD's.
No charge for the Beginning Title (If Needed).
Text Copy for labeling and Title must be supplied.
All video tapes & DVD's labeled at no additional charge.
VHS tapes provided with Retail Sleeve. Add .50 ea. for White
Window Sleeve.
DVD's provided with plastic Jewel Cases at no additional
charge. See above for Hard DVD Cases.


YOU assume the legality of the copy. Violations are your responsibility.
Please check the copyright status.

All video tapes are processed through a Digital Video Processor and
Video Enhancing/Color Correcting System with Stereo HI-FI 6 & 7
head video equipment to render the best possible duplicate. We
cannot eliminate defects, but we can minimize them.

Always provide us with the most original copy of the video tape you
wish to be copied whenever possible.. We do not provide Composition
or Random Assemble Editing Service and have very limited editing
capability. If you will be doing your own editing, please run your
equipment in the SP or FINE mode whenever possible, to minimize  
multi-generation copies.

Transfer Movie Film from Regular 8mm, Super 8mm, Super 8mm Sound, 16mm Silent
and 16mm Sound to VHS and DVD.

SETUP FEE - $20.00 includes the first 150 feet, then .09 per foot thereafter.
Super 8mm Sound with original sound track .14 per foot.
CHAPTER/SECTION TITLING - .75 per title page. Beginning and Ending
title provided at no charge. Max. 36 characters per line, 10 lines per page.
MUSIC - Generic Background Music $5.00 per hour. We will choose from
our own library. Special requests are possible on a "Per Charge" basis, if we
can locate the songs or you can provide the music.
Maximum Per VHS or DVD is 2 Hours and approximately:
           1,700 feet of Regular or Super 8mm at 16 FPS
           3,000 feet of 16mm at 24 FPS

           (Each 3" reel of 8mm film is approximately 50 feet)

Master VHS Tapes are produced on a "Pro Grade" tape.
  Add $18.00 for each Super VHS or DVD Master.
ADDITIONAL COPIES - Provided at Regular Duplication Prices.
See Prices to the left.

We reserve the right to reject any badly damaged films.
Nudity content is not a problem.
Blank film sections of over 4 seconds are edited out.
We cannot do anything for over or under exposed film, grainy, poor
lighting, out of focus, scratched film or film that has been damaged due to
improper storage.
Films will be repaired as necessary when splices break.
We will attempt to Color Correct for changes in film, which sometimes
occurs with age in some films.
File can be saved  to thumb drive or external hard drive  at additional cost -
to be determined.


MINIMUM CHARGE - $25.00. Includes first 50 Slides or Photos. Additional
Slides or Photos .39 each.
MUSIC & TITLING - Same as for Home Movies.

 Slides and Photos are changed every 5 to 7 seconds.
 Approximately 1,080 images will fit on one 2 hour video.


Cassette to Cassette - $6.00 each plus cost of audio tape.
CD to CD - $6.00 each. 90 minute CD additional $1.00
Custom Mix CD - $8.00 each plus .75 per track.
Conversions to Audio CD - $10.00 each. Condensing fees may apply.

 We also convert to CD from Cassette, 8-Track, Vinyl Records, Reel to Reel.

Please print and fill out the form below. If you have more than one video, please just write a note on the back of
the form with order details for each video. You don't need to fill out a separate form for each video, but please
make sure that you clearly indicate what you would like us to do with each one. If you are sending movie films, be
sure they are numbered in the order you would like them to go in. We are not responsible for reels that are
mislabeled or out of sequence due to incorrect identification or reels in wrong boxes. If we are to title individual
films, be sure the information is legible and names and places spelled right. If we can't read it, we will sometimes
make our best guess.

Customer Information:

Company Name: ___________________________________________________________      
City:________________________________ State:________Zip/Postal:_______________
Email Address:_____________________________________________________________
Home Phone:__________________________  Cell Phone:___________________________
Work Phone: __________________________

Original tape or film is the following format:_______________________

We can put up to 2 hours of video footage on VHS or DVD. If you have more than 1 video and total time would
equal 2 hours or less, we can combine them. Below please tell us how many cassettes will be combined on the
tape or DVD.

The number of videos:
       (Total tape length must be 2 hours or less).

[ ] Title Printed On DVD or tape. (Must Supply Copy)__________________________________

[ ] I wish to have each movie film titled.
If you want films individually titled, please indicate on the back, what film gets what title.

DVD's are placed in a Plastic DVD case.

Add photo and title on the DVD Case. $10.00 [ ] (Check box to add)
You must indicate what frame/vidcap you want or include a picture that you would like on the DVD case.

Chapter marks will be put in every six minutes at no charge.
If you wish to specify Chapters, each specified chapter is $5. Each chapter can will have a title. Please write them
on a separate paper exactly where you want chapter marks and title for each.
Number of specified chapters: @ $5.00 Each _________________.

Please indicate how many additional copies you would like of the finished video and what format:

_____ Additional Copies on VHS

_____ Additional copies on DVD

Please see our Duplication Price List at the top of this web page.

When converting your family recorded audio cassettes, reel to reel, or 8-tracks:  If you have a photo (printed or
digital) of the person(s) on the recordings, you may provide that for a personalized CD.

The safest way to get video's and films to us is to deliver them to us in person. We realize this may not be
practical due to the distance you may be from us. If you will be shipping the order to us, please insure them for an
amount that you feel is adequate, should the package get lost or destroyed. We will insure the return items for
that same amount plus the cost of the finished job. We will keep a MASTER COPY at our facility for a period of 30
days for orders that must be shipped, just in case the carrier loses or destroys the order. After 30 days, this
MASTER COPY will be destroyed.

Please insure my package for the following amount $________ plus the final cost of the order.

Terms: Please read before ordering.

By placing an order, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. We (TAV Electronics) will make
every effort to treat your order with the highest level of importance and will try to ensure your cassettes or films
safety in every way possible. However TAV Electronics will not be held liable for any loss, or damage of videos or
films. In the event that a video tape is lost or damaged, TAV Electronics will only be liable for the cost of a blank
video cassette or DVD.

By leaving or shipping my videos or films, I assume full responsibility for obtaining releases when required for
sale and distribution. I hereby agree that the handling, processing and packaging is without warranty or liability,
even though defects, damage or loss by negligence or other fault may occur, furthermore, I agree to hold
harmless and indemnify TAV Electronics for any and all liability and/or claim arising from this transaction. If I am
paying by credit card, I authorize the charges for the costs associated with this order including shipping/handling
and any applicable taxes. I also understand that DVD transfers are not refundable because of incompatibility. DVD
Recordings are done in DVD-R format, which is compatible with all DVD players produced since 2000.

If you have questions about our service, or if you would like a price quote, please contact us with the details
either by phone or email.

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