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About Our Business

TAV Electronics is an Electronics Repair Shop that has been owned and operated by Greg & Donna
Patten since 1997. The business has been operating in the Plymouth area for over 30 years

Our Philosophy has always been to provide a Quality Repair or Service for a Reasonable Price
whenever we possibly can. If we feel the repair will be uneconomical, unreliable or the cost excessive,  
we will always let you know. We don't want our customers to throw good money after bad and we don't
like spending your money without your permission!

We will provide an estimate upon request when a Diagnostic Fee is paid at the time the item is
dropped off. The Non-Refundable Diagnostic fees are based on the type of equipment and will be applied
toward the cost of the repair when the estimate is approved.

Video Duplication Service is available at very competitive rates. Prices are based on quantities
See our
Price List or Contact us for more info.

Home Movies to Video Service. Whether the finished product needs to be on DVD, CD,  USB drive, or
even VHS, TAV Electronics can do it! And we do the audio and video  conversions and duplications at our
317 Main Street Plymouth location.
See our
Price List or Contact us for more info.

Computer Repair. If your computer has become infested with spyware or infected by viruses, or if you
would like to upgrade your memory, operating system or even add a piece of new hardware, we provide
this service too!

Printer Supplies, Typewriter Ribbons: Browse our online catalog for more information on some of
the office products available purchase to from us.  Or visit the website:
www.biggestbook.com.  We
stock a good selection of ink cartridges for printers.  
TAV Electronics was originally founded by Norwood (Tilly) Tillson. Mr. Tillson was originally from Walden, New
York.   The Tillson family moved to Plymouth, New Hampshire and operated the business for about 20 years until it
was sold in June of 1997 to Greg Patten.  The original TAV Electronics was originally located at 1 Foster Street.

When Greg bought the business from Mr. Tillson, he kept the business name and it was moved to its current
location, 317 Main Street, which was a former car dealership.

Upon starting in the new location, Ink Cartridges, Typewriter Ribbons, calculator and cash register supplies were

We have continued to expand on service of home electronics items as well servicing computers, printers, smart
phones, tablets and more.  With technology changing, we have also expanded on the audio and video conversion
and duplication services to DVD, Blue Ray and more.

TAV Electronics is manufacturer authorized for several brands and offers service on carry in items as well as
for Extended Service Providers.

A frequently asked question is what does the TAV stand for?  The initials originally stood for
Tillson Audio Video and
now stands for Technical Audio Video because that is what we do.

We look forward to servicing your Electronics and AV needs in the future. Thank you for your continued patronage.  

If you have any questions on any of our services, please do not hesitate to
contact us.

Mr. Tillson passed away on February 26, 2011 at the age of 86.

       Our History
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Consumer Electronics have evolved over the years.  We work on the "old"
and the "new" technologies, including cell phones and tablets.
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